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Practice Play or FUN!

This is the perfect space to practice, play or just have fun! Sluggers offers members access to the most complete softball and baseball training facility in the nation. Batting cages, pitching cages, drill stations, and base training are just some areas we have to offer.  We have a complete setup designed to help you enhance your skills.

Individuals, teams, or parties- we will make the experience easy! Just like a gym membership, all you need to do is select a membership you would like to subscribe to and start your access to the most comprehensive practice facility in the area, 24/7. Remember, parents are always free.


Once you have established your membership you can reserve a time slot online.  We only allow so many participants in at one time to allow adequate training space. Teams and parties can book the entire facility!


Womens Softball
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  • "WOW this is something we as parents truly needed in the community"

  • "Finally somewhere I can practice with my children on improving their skills"

  • "Looking forward to using SLUGGERS for our team practice sessions!"

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